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Dental Care—as it should be. Service—as it used to be.

Those are the words we live by at Dr. Jan Gabus Dental Care, and it's what makes our practice unique.

As a dentist in Menlo Park, serving clients throughout the Bay Area, we utilize the latest, proven techniqes to make sure you receive the safest and most effective treatment available today. But, we also make sure every visit to our office a pleasant, relaxing experience.

Whether you are ready for a cleaning and x-rays or need more comprehensive care—like fillings, crowns or implants, we're anxious to help you maintain the best dental health possible. We also support the Mid-Peninsula Dental Health Foundation which provides families low cost dental care.

You can take the words of others, but we'd rather you find out for yourself.

Welcome To Gentle Dentistry

Most people would rather not go to the dentist. Most often this is because they fear the pain of the shots or the noise of the drill. And, when they get to the dental office, they start feeling a little scared, maybe vulnerable, and that causes stress.

Dr. Gabus has a Better Way. It all starts with how he talks with you about what he will do, and he uses a painless numbing process. Comfortable, careful dental care curbs the fear. Learn more by watching the short video below.

"People of all ages can feel at ease when visiting Dr. Gabus. Whether it's for a cleaning or filling, I can guarantee you'll be in good hands."
- ML, Redwood CIty

Gentle Dental Shots

Better Way video

Yes, even the shots to numb your gums can be painless. Dr. Jan Gabus shows you how and why these feared shots don't have to be that way. Watch his "Better Way" video to see for yourself.

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Helping Out Locally

Raising money for local causes

Dr. Gabus biked through the Northeast, from Saratoga Springs, New York, to Montreal, Canada, last summer, to raise money for the Mid-Peninsula Dental Health Foundation. The 300-mile journey collected over $13,000 for the non-profit group. For the past six years he has raised $67,290 for the Foundation. Learn More.

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